Hey, I'm Ayush. I'm a third year Computer Science undergraduate from IIIT-Bh. I spend most of my time hacking on open source projects, watching football, reading anything I find interesting on the internet and watching random stuff on YouTube.

I'm fascinated by various aspects of Computers, but I find the field of Machine learning to be really intriguing in particular. Do go through my GitHub profile for more projects.

In the past, I've been a Google Summer of Code student with The Julia Language, working on the Flux machine learning ecosystem. You can find more about my project here.

I love deep conversations with interesting people. So, if you have any interesting ideas in mind and would love to share them, please don't hesitate!


Projects (To be updated soon)


ONNX.jl : A Julia package to load and run high quality pretrained models in Flux. Simply ]add ONNX from your Julia REPL and import high quality models trained in TensorFlow, PyTorch, CoreML into Flux!


Keras.jl : Run pretrained Keras models on a Flux backend! (Works for Flux0.6 and Julia0.6 for now). Support for Julia1.0 coming soon!

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